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Guilt is the central nucleus of the song, a theme so dear to the artists and to those who have experienced it. Saving ourselves from Sin is not the only possible way to go: we could find ourselves facing guilt just like the “Dead Pearl Diver” who was attracted by the abyss of his own conscience, only to succumb to it.
— The dead pearl diver, Akers


- Origin -

Born in 1994, she started playing piano and guitar as a little girl, building her own world based on music and written words tainted by a classical approach.

She began playing both solo and pop-rock shows with her band at the age of 12. All of this led to an intimate and artistic approach in music and art, inspired by psychedelic and dark genres.

She attended “Accademia di Belle Arti” and then went to university, where she began to find interests in classical studies and literature.

Despite low acceptance of academic surroundings, she found the perfect people to connect with right in this kind of school. This is going to be the beginning of a great collaboration.



”Did you come into this little smoky island my old boy?
I’ve been watching from my window thinking if world had a choice
Did you drink another bottle choosing water over wine?
Make me think you’ve got a white heart never drifting from the lines
As long as I believe your eyes
I promise we’ll be fine


”Will you forgive my sorrow?
In these chains I’ve got no escape
I think I’ve seen it all now
I feel you running through my veins
It’s something I can follow
You said it’s something you can’t change
I think I’ve seen it all now
I feel you running through my veins





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